10 years ago: I Cried


wedding pic -kiss

I cried. We exchanged our vows on the 28th afternoon of July. Out poured the months of excitement, planning, yearning and most of all, love. Stood before me was the bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh. Joy, pride. I cried.

I didn’t have much to my name when I proposed, just clothes, a cheap car and a job at Tesco. When I asked you to marry me I smiled, you cried.

I was marrying my best friend, and for the first time, the fear of my future disappeared before me. I cried.

The sun shone for us that day. No rain in the sky. Any hint of rain was reserved for my eyes. I cried.

10 years later and I’d be hard pressed to find another heart to intertwine with mine. Boys don’t cry? I cry, and I cried.



2 thoughts on “10 years ago: I Cried

  1. Allan & I just watched this together! And it made us choke! Happy Anniversary guys.
    Al says, “you looked amazing and still look amazing”. And I’d like to add both physically and emotionally for each other! Not may couples are that way nowadays!



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